The Importance of Using Doormats, Not Just for Greeting Your Guests

Almost every time you walk into a business establishment you step across one. When visiting neighbors, friends, or loved ones, you’ve likely stood outside the door after ringing the bell and looked down upon the friendly and familiar “Welcome” mat under your feet. But do you know why using doormats are so important, aside from being the first greeting visitors receive?

There are many reasons why using doormats is essential for every home. The most obvious one is that they keep your floors clean. They serve other important purposes such as helping to prevent slips and falls, removing dirt and debris from footwear (or paws if you have pets), and even serve the function of adding an aesthetic appeal to your home.

The Reasons You Should Be Using Doormats:

Personalize Your Entrances

Today, personalized doormats have become increasingly popular, and many businesses choose to use them as a business card of sorts, while homeowners show their individual personality with a doormat adorned with the logo of their favorite sports team, or other quips that give visitors some insight into the homeowner’s character.


A good doormat is one that is durable and able to take a few licks while standing up to the weather. There are generally two main types of doormats that are most commonly used. The first is the kind of mat that is designed specifically to remove large clumps of dirt or mud. These mats employ rigid tufts that scrape the soles of a person’s shoes while they are walking or intentionally rubbing their feet back and forth across the mat.

The second variety of doormat is the finishing, or wiper style. These mats are designed using a flat layer of matting material that catches sand, dust, and moisture from the feet of people passing over it.

Protects Flooring 

Both types of mats, when made with quality materials utilize a rubber backing to prevent moisture seeping through onto the surface beneath. You may have noticed that some people use doormats outside their entryway and others who use them inside. There are people who use both, in addition to scattering more doormats throughout their home to serve other purposes.

Other uses for doormats can include:

  • Protecting flooring from spills under pet’s food and water dishes
  • A place to leave especially dirty or greasy work boots
  • Protecting high traffic areas such as thresholds of doorways and the seams between carpeting and hard flooring
  • Skid proofing otherwise slippery floor surfaces

When used in these locations, and regularly cleaned as any other part of the home, doormats help preserve the life cycle of both carpet and hard flooring materials. And if you hire a cleaning services to help clean your home the doormat will prevent dirt from coming inside so there will be less cleaning to do. So this can save you money in the long run.

By catching and removing grime and dirt from the feet of occupants and visitors, the wear and tear from the physical act of cleaning and the use of cleaning chemicals on the floors inside are reduced. In the long run, this saves homeowners money by not having to replace stained, soiled, or worn out floor coverings as often.

Doormats are taken for granted and often go overlooked, but they are an important part of keeping your home clean, safe, and well-maintained throughout the years.

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