Should You Take Off Your Shoes Indoors?

The importance of taking your shoes off indoors is more than just keeping your home looking clean it is important to your health also.

Do you have the habit of wearing your shoes indoors? Maybe after returning home from a long day of work or the nearby grocery store? Well, if you do, we recommend you join us as we expand more on why it’s a habit you need to break.

Now the thing is you’re not alone on this as it happens to be so popular in the United States and most times, visitors also come into the house with shoes attached to their feet. In most cases, stepping into the house with your shoes on might seem OK, but it’s not and science has proven that you should take your shoes off.

The Importance of Taking Your Shoes Off Indoors:


One of the primary importance of taking off your shoes indoors is that you’ll spend less time cleaning the house. It’s a no-brainer to know that shoes bring in dust and dirt into the house, and this means you’ll have to clean the house on a regular basis.

So how about keeping the shoes out for a change, that’s going to reduce your workload and the home will be cleaner. It’s more of a win-win situation.

Keeps Bacteria Out

It’s pretty obvious to know that your shoes are more likely to be a hot spot for bacteria. Taking off your sneakers is crucial because your shoes pick up those nasty bacteria which are inadvertently spread about the home. Now that’s yucky!

A study at Arizona extracted germs and microbes on footwear, and the researchers discovered up to 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoe. So, we recommend you save yourself from unnecessary diseases and infection by adopting the proper habit of kicking off your shoes at the door.

Save the Floor from Wear and Tear

The more dirt and grime you track in, the more often you have to clean especially if you have hard floors or carpets. All of these excessive scrubbings on your flooring is sure to lead to more wear and tear on the surface, meaning that you’ll have to replace the damaged floor coverings.

Taking off your shoes indoors means you’ll spend less money on replacing the flooring in your home.

Happy Neighbors

If you happen to live in apartment buildings, kicking off those heels should do a lot of good to the neighbors. No one likes to be disturbed with annoying sound of shoes, so how about you do them a favor and keep the shoes off.

Bad Air Quality

You may not know, but all the dust and toxins you track into your home can affect the air quality.

For instance, the pesticides on your lawn or cleaning chemicals on public floors can be stuck on your sneakers and bringing it into your home will worsen the quality of the air. So, it’s important you kick off those shoes immediately and keep those toxins out.

Happy Feet

Besides all that has been mentioned, taking your shoes off  indoors also gives your feet the chance to feel happy. Irrespective of how comfortable your shoes are, you’ll feel more comfortable kicking them off once you get home and doing this is a healthy habit as you get to stretch, relax and get life back on your feet.

Going barefoot strengthen the muscles of the feet and even reduces the chances of getting flat feet. So, it’s essential you make a change and give your feet a chance to breathe!

So, there you have it. So far we have explored the importance of keeping the heels and sneakers outside the home, and we believe you must have learned why you should adopt this habit.

Taking your shoes off indoors is not only healthy for your home but also for your feet. So, make a change today and join the bandwagon of homes with the “no shoes policy” so your home can be a healthier and cleaner place to live in!