Computer Cleaning Tips for the Home or Office

Cleaning computers in the work place can be hard compared to at home. The first reason is just because you have so many, but another reason is because there are so many little parts, it can be very time consuming. It’s important to keep it as clean as possible though, in order to keep it running well.

Don’t forget peripherals when cleaning. That means the keyboard, mouse and speakers. The keyboard can be wiped down with ease but it is also good to turn it upside down to bang out the extra crumbs and dirt that get between the keys. These can keep it from working properly. A q-tip with Windex or cleaning solution can get the dirt out on the sides of keys.

Mice really just need a good wipe down, unless you are working with an old model that uses a tracking ball. You can easily remove this ball to clean the inside with yet another q-tip.

The outside of your computer may need cleaning, but so does the inside. Opening it up with a small screwdriver (there are kits made just for this) and using an air canister is the safest way to get dust out without damaging valuable, fragile parts.

Computer Cleaning for the Office

While having a cleaning service come in a couple of times of week is going to take care of the bulk of your office space, sometimes you need to have a good idea of how to take care of it yourself. Especially when it comes to your own personal work space. Cleaning computers is an easy thing to do but sometimes you have to be a bit more thorough than just wiping down the screen. Dust and dirt can ruin your computer and cause it to not work as well as it should.

When cleaning, always consider the crumbs that end up in the keyboard. We all eat around our computer (though it is not recommended) and those crumbs and bits of dirt can cause keys to stick and it to not work properly. Make sure to turn it upside down and shake to to really get as much out as you can.

If allowed, you should be able to open up your tower (if using a desktop) and use an air canister to get rid of excess dust. It can get caught in the fans, keeping them from cooling your unit properly. It can also get into the grooves of the motherboard, causing issues. It is always good to take this step if you can!

All of this can be done by a cleaning service as well,to help you save time.